Summer Brown

self portrait

I’ve learned to love the skin I’m in.  Once, I avoided my reflection, close inspection.  So pliable, when the world ruled my hue undesirable.  Searching in the pages of Glamour and Vogue, for platitudes in a songwriter’s prose.  For someone to deem me beautiful, acceptable, lovable.

One day, I looked into my dark eyes, my matching skin in surprise. Lovely, summer brown, golden, kissed by the sun.  All of my sisters, be they dark, light, or white.  May we all find beauty, through our own eyes.


24 thoughts on “Summer Brown

  1. Hi, lovely personal poem. I think many people have similar problems with mirrors. I read about a lady who coaches people to accept themselves and often when she told her clients to look into the mirror and say they love themselves, they couldn’t do it.

    I’m glad to hear how you feel these days! 🙂

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