“So, you and your boyfriend were together from 9 pm until midnight on the night of the murder?”

“Right,” she nodded, her expression giving away nothing.

“Are you aware that Stephen is married?”

Seeing her disbelief, the detective handed her a photo of a laughing Stephen and his wife at a family gathering, date stamped the week before, mutual affection reflected in both their eyes.

She looked at her hands, breaking eye contact with the detective for the first timeย that day.

“Do you want to change your answer?”


The six sentence story prompt this week is right.


24 thoughts on “Alibi

  1. Ooh, I know someone who was hit with that harsh reality when unprepared once. She was dumbfounded. Then she became suspicious of everyone, which was truly sad. This was a great story, really made you stop and think. Would she change her answer? I think she just might!

  2. Very interesting. Makes me wonder if she was covering up for him in the first place or if she’ll change her story and be lying.

    1. That’s an interesting perspective, her trying to put an innocent man in prison. Maybe the detective is a dirty cop and trying to pin it on him for some reason? Thanks for reading and your insights.

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