I’m sure that the little girl in that back seat is waving at us.  She looks like me as a child.  Brown eyes big as saucers, frizzy pigtails with loose ribbons, a crooked, mischievous smile. Thinking about that girl, the girl that I once was, emboldens me.  I turn to my mother.

“So, I have some news…” I begin.

“What is it?”

“They called me yesterday.  I got it!  I’m going to be a travel writer.  Getting to travel the world and write – that’s my dream!”

“Oh, that’s nice, I guess.”

“You guess?  Mom, this is my dream job!  I’m going to get to see the world for free and write about it.”

“I know, honey.  I was just hoping that…maybe…you and Brian…”

“Mom, I told you that Brian and I broke up weeks ago…”

“But, all of my friends are grandparents now.  They always ask when you’re going to settle down and I don’t know what to say…”

“Tell them I’m happy.”

The light turns green and I signal for a right turn.  The car in front of us keeps straight and I blow a kiss to that little girl as it disappears around the curve.

For Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner


20 thoughts on “Happy

  1. ‘Tell them I’m happy’ …spot on! And maybe to mind their own business? 🙂 It can be so frustrating when the first question asked is, ‘Is she married?’ or ‘When is she getting married?!’ … Apt story! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, whenever a woman in her late 20’s or 30’s says she has an announcement to make, if it isn’t that she’s pregnant or engaged people are disappointed.

      1. These people are never satisfied! When you’re not married, they ask when you’re getting hitched, when you tie the knot, they wonder when you’re having your first kid, when you do have a baby, they have eyes for the next and so on…! Sheesh! 🙂

  2. Hard sometimes for parents who want grandchildren to understand not all kids who grow up want kids, or end up having them exactly when the other people they grew up with do. Nice job.

    1. Yes, I agree, I think my generation is taking a bit longer to settle down and have kids than our parents and that can be confusing to the older generation. Thanks!

      1. I think we’re in the same generation or close. My Mom is pretty good, she’s like if you don’t want kids I’m fine with that. But I’m sure my grandma would love a great-grandchild. Happy weekend Jenn🌸

      2. My mom is the same way, she tells people I just want my kids to be happy. But she gets asked ALL THE TIME. It’s crazy!

        Thanks! Have a nice weekend too!

  3. Hahahaha!! I had the exact conversation with my mom-in-law last week. With all excitement, I was telling her about the launch of my new travel blog and she listened for 42 seconds with reasonable interest, wishing me heights of success. Second 43: So, have you heard from anyone in the family circle recently? Any updates from anyone?
    It’s amusing right now, but was so frustrating then! It was the biggest moment of my life in the past six months and she had already moved on to such a flimsy topic!!!
    Makes you ponder…what a contrast of life/priorities.

    1. Ha, well, I’m glad it made you laugh at least. I totally understand, as a woman whenever you say you have an announcement, if it’s not that you’re engaged or expecting, people are disappointed. It can be frustrating at times but you just have to laugh!

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