Jamie had known that Ethan was planning to propose for months – it was just a matter of when and where.  So, when she woke up that morning to a note from Ethan telling her she was being treated to a day of beauty, and a chauffeured car outside at the curb, she did an excited twirl.  Her day had finally arrived.

After a day of primping and shopping, she was driven to Brimham Rocks, a collection of beautiful rock formations.

Jamie tapped the window, confused and annoyed.  “We’re going here?”

The driver shrugged.  “Those are the directions I was given…”

He led her to Ethan, who immediately dropped to his knee and proposed.  Jamie accepted.  It wasn’t perfect, but at least she was engaged.

“Uh…Ethan?”  The camera guy that had shadowed Jamie all day interrupted the moment.  “Sorry, camera wasn’t on, missed the big question…”

“Ugh!  Ethan!  What kind of person did you hire!  What’s the point of this if no one sees it?!  How will people even know we’re engaged?!”

“We’ll just do it again.  Right, guys?”  Ethan turned to the crew, who were nodding in unison.  He slipped the ring off Jamie’s finger and stood.

“And action!”


For Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner

Read more about over-the-top proposals here.


12 thoughts on “Viral

  1. ” What’s the point if no one sees it” I should think it be more important that they both are there alone and know they’re engaged, not that the world sees it in YouTube or reality TV. But a good commentary on the subject of our personal lives have become public matter. Well written.

  2. And that’s pretty much it these days, isn’t it? If I can’t share it with the world, what’s the point? (And the irony that we’re bloggers isn’t lost on me…lol) Fun story, Jenn.

  3. Ha! What a hideous girl! I can only feel pity for the man 🙂 A really entertaining read, Jenn – great stuff 🙂

      1. Uh, sad but true. The same goes in reverse, though – nice girls, bad men. Why can’t we team all the nice ones up and leave the bad to make each other miserable? 🙂

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