Nicole stood on his doorstep, shivering, but not from the cold, the telltale marks still visible on her scrawny arms.  He knew the routine by now – she would tell an elaborate story about how she needed cash for groceries, or rent, or some other dire expense.  So many times, he’d given her the last of his meager funds, knowing exactly how she would really use it.  He could never say no to her, until now.

He saw the shock register on Nicole’s face as he shut the door quietly, ignored the banging and angry pleading that followed.  He would no longer be his daughter’s enabler.

The six sentence story prompt this week is last.


10 thoughts on “Last

  1. Hard decision but ultimately the right one but she still needs professional help now! Being trapped by him will only make her hate him. Gripping scenario that you have painted.

  2. Her father had reached the point when he understood that the best way to help her…was to refuse to help her. The description of her clearly showed her in desperate need and his ability to stay calm and force her to have to face the reality of her situation. Great job on this.

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