Thursday Thriller – For Anna


“Jess!”  He exclaims as I come in the room.  He always exclaims when I come in the room, like I’m a long-lost friend, not an office minion who works in the cubicle just outside his palatial corner office.  He’s almost right though.  We have a history.

“Hi, Gregg.  I pulled your car around front.”

He claps his hands together and smiles as though it’s the greatest news he’s ever heard.  “Great.  Ride down with me?”


We’re silent in the elevator on the way to the lobby, which is unusual for Gregg.  He always seems eager to fill the silences whenever I’m in the room.  He’s uncomfortable alone with me, yet he always seems to want to be alone with me.  I push the red button.

“What is it?”  He looks at me with a mixture of titillation and confusion.  I step closer, snaking my arm around his waist.  His body feels chiseled and muscular beneath his suit.  He smells like rich leather.  I stand on my tiptoes so I can whisper in his ear.

“She told me about you, you know.  She told me what you did.”

I step backwards, so I can see his eyes widening with realization.  The framed picture on my desk of my childhood best friend, Anna. Our mutual acquaintance.  The funeral I attended just last week, the life she decided she didn’t want to live any longer.

“I was just a kid…” he sputters.

“You were old enough to know better.”  I turn away from him and press the release button.  We’re moving again.

When the doors open again, he pushes past me in his haste to get out of my presence, racing across the marble floors to the revolving front door.  I stand at the curb and watch him zoom out the parking lot much faster than normal.  I don’t flinch as he loses control of the car and smashes into the dividing wall, turning his car into a pile of bent metal and smoke.


Written for the Story a Day prompt – Write what you know.  Write a list of things you know about. Pick one. Give that knowledge to a character.

My inspiration – as a child, a friend told me about something awful another kid had done to her and swore me to secrecy.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thriller – For Anna

  1. Wow, Jess meant business with Greg. She was getting revenge for her friend Annie no matter what. She set it up perfectly. It’s awful her friend committed suicide, but what Jess has done is also awful. So I don’t know who wins.

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