“Duck,” Layla commands as we turn down Adam’s street.

I’m crouched in the tiny space in front of the passenger seat, my cheek pressed to the dash.

“OMG, he’s just sitting there in his living room, like, reading a book or something,”  Layla says as though she’s disappointed.

“I told you he wasn’t cheating on me!”

“I just didn’t think it was possible for one guy to be that…that…perfect.”

I did, I think to myself as we drive away.


The prompt for the six sentence story challenge this week is duck.




12 thoughts on “Covert

  1. Yes, there are honest people and a lot of them, but it’s the dishonest ones that causes a cloud over others in the minds of some people. Great story.

  2. I love that your story goes in the opposite direction of mine, there definitely are good and trustworthy partners to be found, despite those that don’t make the grade. This was written well, a drive by “shooting” with the evidence speaking for itself!

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