You’ll Know Her When You See Her

You'll Know Her When You See Her

You’ll Know Her When You See Her – on sale for $0.99 on Amazon!  Free if you’re a Amazon Prime member or a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

It’s a deeply honest tale about how women relate to one another, the good the bad and everything in between…

It’s the interwoven story of seven different women:

Daisy – who’s still wearing the scars, inside and out, from a brutal high school assault, but still hopeful that she can find a transformative friendship that will make her feel whole again

Laine – burned first by her father and now her new husband, left to raise her young son alone, unable to face an empty house and a future without the love of her life

Kennedy – a cold socialite and aspiring actress, so driven she will resort to any measure to get to the top

Jo – a shy beauty who chose to run from her past instead of face it, who learns about unconditional love and friendship after rescuing her dog, Nelly, only to find that your past sometimes has a way of finding you

Jayne – stunning, blazingly talented and confident, with a darkness hiding under her bravado

Cass – who’s struggling with the pain of living with a secret she’s been forbidden to speak of to anyone, and

Findley – recovering from the brutal end of a life-changing relationship, all the while wondering if she will ever love anyone the way she loved him…


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