Writers Quote Wednesday – J. M. Barrie


Wendy – you blew it!  Why did you grow up?  Why didn’t you stay in Neverland?  Who would be an adult with bills and tiny cubicles and rent and traffic and rude neighbors and smog when you could be a kid forever?  You broke Peter’s heart, and mine too.   Whenever I get to the part of the movie/book/musical when you’re all grown up – Peter comes back as though nothing has changed, and he tells you that you can’t go back, I feel wistful.  Then I remember what the great thing is about Neverland.  It only exists in my imagination.  So I can go back whenever I want!  Screw Peter and his rules!  I can close my eyes, hang out with the mermaids and Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily whenever I feel the need.

So even though I’m all grown up – I had no choice in the matter – Peter Pan never appeared at my bedroom window though I wished and wished for it over and over – and I have deadlines to meet and a pile of work waiting on me, I’m going to take a vacation, just for a few minutes.  I can see myself there now.  Closing my eyes now and taking flight. I know the way…second star to the right and straight on till morning…

For Writers Quote Wednesday!

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