Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

In the first picture, Zoey was screaming, her face beet red, while Jackson’s finger was firmly implanted up his nose. Delete.  Second photo – Zoey shoved Jackson just as the camera flashed. Delete.  By the 10th photo, Zoey and Jackson wore bright smiles, their arms wrapped around each other like loving siblings. Brandi posted it to Facebook with the hashtags: #blessed #bliss #momlife.

In another city, Brandi’s friend Sandra was scrubbing vomit out of her shirt as something crashed in the next room. They’d been snowed in for days. She glanced at Brandi’s latest Facebook update on her phone, and sighed.


For Friday Fictioneers



20 thoughts on “Delete

  1. no one posts the messy homes and unwashed dishes and frazzled faces, only the pretty stuff and then go on to lead unfulfilled lives. such a powerful message Jenn!

    1. So true. That’s why we should never feel inferior to someone else based on what they post on social media. Thank you so much!

  2. A very insightful observation about social media. It was (is) hard enough being a mom without thinking everyone else does it better than you. I think this could be a bigger piece for Huff or Blogher.
    Write on,

    1. I agree. Everyone seems like they have a better family, marriage, career, etc. Thanks so much for the suggestion and for reading!

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