Six Word Saturday – Girls at Play


Scraped knees.  Mud-stained clothes.  Smiling faces.



The lackluster applause startled Megan awake.  She straightened in her seat, rubbed her eyes and clapped along, more loudly than anyone else in the audience.  Was I snoring? Oh God, please tell me I wasn’t snoring.

The play had been, in a word, horrible.  The lead actress had been hospitalized with a nasty case of pneumonia.  The understudy seemed unprepared, forgetting her lines repeatedly, then breaking the third wall and apologizing to the audience.

Casey let out a long, labored sigh and turned to her.  “Ready?”  She nodded.

They showed their passes to the guards and made their way down the winding halls backstage, knocking on one of the dressing room doors.  Andrea whipped the door open and leaped into their arms.

“I thought it went really well.  What about you guys?  Haven’t checked my twitter yet…”

Casey and Megan sneaked glances at each other.

“Why don’t we all go get some drinks?”

“A lot of them…”

As they left, Casey slipped Andrea’s phone in her purse.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!