Morning After


Tonight, Ava was staving off adulthood for a few more hours.  Her house party was in full swing.

“Can you guys keep it down?!” Her next-door neighbor screeched as Ava opened the door.

Liquid courage coursing through her veins, Ava flung the contents of her cup in the woman’s face as her friends chuckled.

The next morning, Ava stumbled into her job interview, head pounding, bleary-eyed.

“Thanks for coming in, Ava.” Her next-door neighbor sat opposite her and Ava couldn’t breathe. “Do you really want to do this or should I just send you on your drunken way?”


The Moral Mondays prompt this week is ALWAYS BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR.




It was quite the coup.  The biggest moment of her career. Her, the little girl with skinned knees from a town no one had ever heard of, interviewing the most powerful man in the world.  She asked tough questions, holding his feet to the fire when he was evasive.  When it was over, he called her a fighter.  She laughed and told him maybe he’d met his match.

Once she was alone, the tinted windows of her chauffeured car completely raised, she felt the bile rising to her throat.  She waited for her pulse to slow, praying she wouldn’t vomit until she got home.


The Moral Mondays prompt this week is Lessons from Dad.  My favorite Dad Lesson – Never let them see you sweat!




“You were supposed to be here an hour ago!”

Kacey put the phone on speaker so her sister, Kenna, could hear.”We’re almost there, Mom!” Kacey zipped around the corner in the luxury car her parents had just given her.

“Go have a Xanax,” Kenna added.

“Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” Kacey yelled as she ended the call, tossing the phone in her Gucci handbag.

“The same crap every Sunday.  I’d rather eat glass.”

They rushed inside as their mother emerged from the kitchen carrying two plates, each covered with tiny, broken shards.

“Your purse called me back,” Mom said with a tiny smile.


For Moral Mondays – The prompt this week is Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child.



I take a long sip of my smoothie and glance at Lisa, my workout buddy, wondering if we could ever be friends outside the gym.

“I have some news.”  She doesn’t hear.  On the television mounted on the wall, Entertainment Tonight is running a story about pregnant actresses over 40.

“Why are women these days waiting so long to get pregnant?  All those weird fertility treatments.  How selfish.  They’ll be 60 before…”

“I’m pregnant, Lisa.”

She sputters.  “Oh, errr, I didn’t mean anything by…I was just…”

I wave away her protests and smile.  “Spin class next Thursday?”

The Moral Mondays prompt this week is Listen Before You Speak.




It was Nelly’s last day.

“You’re just too old, Nelly,” Baby, the chihuahua across from her, taunted.  “Tough luck.”  Baby had a new sign plastered to the front of her cage.  She was all to happy to tell Nelly what it said.  “Adopted.”

Nelly heard footsteps in the dark corridor.  All the dogs, except Baby of course, stood and wagged their tails, ready to put on a show.

An unfamiliar human knelt in front of Nelly’s cage and smiled.

A new sign was placed on Nelly’s cage.  She didn’t need Baby to tell her what it said.  Adopted.


The Moral Mondays prompt this week is There’s No Place Like Home.


Photo – Kent Bonham

The children were afraid.  The wind howled outside and knocked against their front door like a fearsome stranger trying to break it down.  It was one of those nights where Mom would stay gone for hours and hours on end, sometimes not returning until the morning, rumpled and wild-eyed, stumbling to her bed.    They huddled together as the girl reached behind her headboard for the book.  She spread it open across both their narrow laps.  Looking at each other, they smiled as the light from the book illuminated their tiny faces.  They blinked, then disappeared.

For Friday Fictioneers



Her instincts had never led her wrong.  There was something about his eyes.  The way they avoided hers whenever they spoke, waiting in line for their coffee.  He was a liar.  She just knew.

But that morning, her guard was down.  She ended up sitting with him, baring her soul, for nearly a half-hour, through two refills.   When he left, she put her number in his contacts, ignoring the alarm sounding in her brain.

That night, the phone rang as she slept.

“I don’t know who this is, but I found your number in Tim’s phone.   This is his wife.”


The Moral Mondays prompt this week is Never Talk to Strangers.



Gina would have loved this cafe, Cara thought.  I miss her.

Her phone vibrated.  It was Gina again.  Her second call that afternoon.  Cara pressed ignore.

She looked up to see her brother, Alex, coming through the doors.  As he sat, he noticed the missed call on her phone before she could put it away.

“You know sis, if you and Gina…”

She shook her head vigorously.  “She hurt you.”

He rolled his eyes as though he were exasperated, but she knew he wasn’t.  “My big sis.”

She smiled back at him before signalling the waitress.


The Moral Mondays prompt this week is – blood is thicker than water.

Kinda Sorta


“Amie – do you promise to cleave to Michael, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?”

The officiant’s icy glare frightened Amie, causing her eyes to scan the room.  She caught the eye of someone in the audience – a friend of Micheal’s perhaps?  He was gorgeous, soulful brown eyes, broad shoulders, and those lips, wow…he was one of those guys you could look at and just know they would be a great kisser…but, Michael, and a secure, happy future, were staring at her in expectation.

She crossed her toes. “I do.”


The cue for the six sentence story challenge this week was cleave.

A New Day



On Friday everything changed.   Lina had eaten the same low-fat bran cereal and gone to the same dull job for six years.  Today will be different, she decided, a greasy fast food biscuit warming her belly. She would go swimming at the lake.  Then she’d stop by the animal shelter and volunteer for a few hours.  And she would finally tell Chad that she… her stomach lurched violently.   Her car veered into the path of a truck as she gagged.

When the paramedics pulled her from the wreckage, her final words before she closed her eyes were, “A new day.”

For Flash! Friday