Writers Quote Wednesday – Star Wars!!!


Can you tell I am excited about the new Star Wars movie?  I’m a lifelong Star Wars fan.  I know my heart will lift tomorrow evening when I see these words scroll across the screen as the beginning strains of the familiar movie score fill the auditorium.  These movies were such an escape for me, as they were I’m sure for generations of kids.   I’m glad that I never lost the spark of imagination that made me fall in love with all of the characters, good and bad, in this far away galaxy.  Seeing those words on the screen, the ones that start every Star Wars film,  turn me into a kid all over again.

If you are a fan of the movies I hope you enjoy The Force Awakens too.  But no, I’m not selling my tickets.

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NaNoWriMo Inspiration

There’s a lot of things I never thought I could do until I came out the other side.  Hopefully NaNo will be the next!  43,000 words to go…

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – John Lennon

“I don’t like Batman…I like Robin,” said my two-year-old niece, completely confounding me.  What does she mean she doesn’t like Batman?  All kids love Batman.  Who would rather be Robin than Batman?

“Why do you like Robin?” I asked, holding up a DVD cover with a picture of the cartoon versions of the characters.

“See,” she pointed to the picture. “Batman is big…Robin is small, like me.”

I kissed her curly head and put her down on the floor to play.  On the drive home, I thought about my niece, how she’s the youngest of four, probably ignored and pushed aside by her siblings, fighting for attention, to not get lost in all the chaos.  No wonder she found a kindred spirit in the Boy Wonder.  She learned an important lesson from him – even if you’re the smallest one in the room, you aren’t powerless.

We all are the “Robin” in our relationships sometimes.  Part of being a good friend is knowing when to step aside and let someone else have the spotlight.  And if they are a truly good friend, they know when to step back and let us play Batman for a little while.

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Writers Quote Wednesday – J. M. Barrie


Wendy – you blew it!  Why did you grow up?  Why didn’t you stay in Neverland?  Who would be an adult with bills and tiny cubicles and rent and traffic and rude neighbors and smog when you could be a kid forever?  You broke Peter’s heart, and mine too.   Whenever I get to the part of the movie/book/musical when you’re all grown up – Peter comes back as though nothing has changed, and he tells you that you can’t go back, I feel wistful.  Then I remember what the great thing is about Neverland.  It only exists in my imagination.  So I can go back whenever I want!  Screw Peter and his rules!  I can close my eyes, hang out with the mermaids and Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily whenever I feel the need.

So even though I’m all grown up – I had no choice in the matter – Peter Pan never appeared at my bedroom window though I wished and wished for it over and over – and I have deadlines to meet and a pile of work waiting on me, I’m going to take a vacation, just for a few minutes.  I can see myself there now.  Closing my eyes now and taking flight. I know the way…second star to the right and straight on till morning…

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Writers Quote Wednesdays – L. M. Montgomery

I think in life all we really want is someone that understands us.  I grew frustrated in my mid-twenties when I took my friendship inventory and realized that all of those relationships were so superficial.  I never expressed my true self.  I lied and said I was okay when I wasn’t.  I accepted treatment that was less than what I deserved.

In my thirties I finally realized – friendships are work.  I have to tell my friends when something they do bothers me, when my feelings are wounded, when I need something.  That’s what relationships are.  I had to realize I was worthy of that.

I was hurt recently.  Not a deep, gushing wound that is irreparable, but it definitely stings.  And I’m terrified.  But I’m going to be honest.  The friendship is worth it.  I know that if I don’t say anything, like so many other times before, the bitterness will grow and grow until the relationship self-destructs.  That’s the last thing I want to happen. For the first time in my life today I’ll look a friend in the eye and say something I’ve never said to anyone in my adult life.  You hurt me.

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Lewis Carroll

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast

– Lewis Carroll

I’m sure someone has used this quote before since it’s so deliciously whimsical, but I’m new to this feature so I’ll pretend I’m the first!  🙂

Six Things I’ve Been Told Are Impossible…but that I have faith will happen…

1.  That one day I’ll make a living as a writer.  Maybe not a Stephen King/James Patterson kind of living (though that would be nice) but be able to write exclusively and actually eat everyday and have a roof over my head that doesn’t belong to my parents.  I have my own roof and paid for all the food in my refrigerator, thank you very much, but definitely not from the $5 or $6 I’ve made through my writing.  🙂

2.  That one day, ALL women, but particularly black women, will unite in boycotting the things that degrade us, specifically offensive music created by men who have no regard or respect for our dignity, our safety, or our bodies.  I don’t get women who gleefully hand over their hard-earned cash to basically be verbally abused over a beat.  And no Dr. Dre, I don’t accept your apology.  I’m not a fan of revisionist history.  Make a donation to a battered women’s shelter and maybe I’ll consider it.

An Apology from Dr Dre is not Enough

3.  A little random – but I hope that Anna Duggar will leave her husband, get an education, learn she can support herself and her kids without a husband or her father, and that she can breathe fire!

Blog about Anna Duggar by Georgia Mom

4.  That one day I’ll posses a pure, childlike happiness, not just a dumb happy, all on my own.

Dumb Happy

5.  That I can take a completely solo vacation, sans travel companion or tour guide.

6.  That my dog and I have our own language!  I know she can understand certain words I say.  Like when I warm up her food (don’t judge me!) and I tell her it’s hot, she knows to wait a few minutes before eating.  Seriously guys, she knows.  And I understand her whines, which ones mean I need to go out, or I want to cuddle, or get off your butt and come play outside!  She understands mine too, I’m happy, I’m sad,  I need to be alone, I can’t get out of bed.  She’s been known to nudge me from under the covers and wipe away my tears.  Don’t know how I’ll prove this one!


1490649_706550026033935_1064019192_o (2)
BONUS:  7. That I’ll finish a half marathon.  I specify HALF and not full because even I can’t dream that big.

Cheer me on!

Six Things I Told Myself Were Impossible…but actually happened…

1. Becoming vegetarian.  A lifelong dream since I was a kid and found out the beef patty on my beloved McDonald’s cheeseburgers once belonged to a living breathing thing.

2. Finding true love.

3. Figuring out that I’m pretty awesome.

4.  Finishing and publishing a book – how I earned the aforementioned $6.  That footlong at Subway was beyond delicious!

5.  Sharing some of my darkest thoughts, innermost fears, and fictional stories on a blog.

6.  Putting my feet in the Pacific Ocean.