New Girl


It didn’t take him very long to realize something wasn’t right.  The address she’d given him wasn’t for a restaurant, but a private home.  Anya answered the door almost immediately.

“Simon!  You made it!”  She was just as beautiful as her profile pic, if not more.  “Make yourself comfortable.”  She scurried back to the kitchen.

A framed photo caught his eye.  The chubby, sad girl behind the glass somehow familiar.  They’d gone to school together.  He reddened, remembering how he’d treated her.

“I figured you wouldn’t recognize me.” Anya stood in the doorway.

“Why have me come here?”

“Are you really asking that?”

Simon looked down at his shoes, high school memories rushing over him.

“I’m sorry, Anya.  I really am.”

She nodded.

“I have to go.”

Later, she  opened her high school yearbook and drew a dark line through Simon’s photo.

“Five down, five to go,” she whispered.


Written for the Miniature Writing Challenge


MWC-Emails from the Edge


Dear Jane,

I hate the suburbs.  All the people, wandering around with brainless smiles on their faces like they’ve been lobotomized.  I miss the anonymity of living in a big city.  I loved never knowing, or caring, who my neighbors were.  Here, people know you’ve closed on your house before you’ve even moved in, and are outside waiting with baskets of muffins as soon as the U-Haul pulls up. I feel like I’m slowly being driven insane.  Maybe this is some Truman Show-esque experiment?

Right now I’m lying on the floor of my generic but spotless master suite, drinking chardonnay straight out of the bottle.  How am I supposed to smile while I make vapid small talk with Muffy and Buffy or whatever-their-names-are this afternoon if I’m not a little  bit drunk?   Don’t judge me.  Anyway, gotta go.  Time to pick up the girls from school.

Miss you,


The prompt for the Miniature Writing Challenge this week is foreigner.

MWC – Fangirl


I’m sitting on a bench overlooking the dock, waiting to meet Misty for the first time.  We’re both fangirls who kept running into each other in the  virtual world.  After many, many hours of late night IM convos, we learned that we lived within an hour of each other and decided to meet IRL.

A woman is walking down the sidewalk, her face is scrunched, her eyes searching.  She’s obviously looking for someone.  She’s wearing a Supergirl t-shirt, just like me, as planned.  She walks past without noticing me at all.


She stops and turns to face me, flushed, and I can tell I’m not what she’s expecting.


I nod and stand, and we embrace.  We immediately start chattering nonstop about our latest geek-girl obsessions, but inside, my disappointment lingers.  I wonder if the day will come when everyone will look at me and truly see me, instead of being blinded by the color of my skin?

The theme for this week’s Miniature Writing Challenge is freedom.

MWC – Eleven


Miniature Writing Challenge #29 – Every person has a favorite numberand it is significant to them for whatever reason. For this challenge, feature your favorite number in a short story, poem or haiku.

Naomi lay on the bare floor, staring up at the dress hanging on the side of her closet door.  It was more beautiful than words.   The color of champagne, with a high neck, sheer lace-overlay, cap sleeves and a flared skirt that hit her mid-thigh, it was the most gorgeous thing that had ever been in her home.  And by far her most extravagant purchase ever.  Or was it?  There was last month’s Dior one-shoulder black gown, and then the off shoulder ruffled maxi from Alice + Olivia from the month before that, but she couldn’t remember what she’d paid for those.  Besides, they weren’t shiny anymore.

She checked her account balance.  $11.00.  Her stomach grumbled as she headed to the grocery store.


MWC – Fair


The theme for the Miniature Writing Challenge this week is Fairness & Justice. Write a short story, poem or haiku that would express your interpretation of this theme.

“It’s not fair!”  The children shouted in unison, banging their fists on the desks and stamping their feet, filling the classroom with sounds of chaos.

“Why did Priscilla win 1st place for her project?” Bobby asked, standing up from his seat, crossing his arms over his chest defiantly.

“Sit down, Bobby!”  Ms. Vaughan commanded.   When he complied, she continued.  “I thought Priscilla’s project was the most creative and showed the most attention to detail.”

The last bell rang.  Once the classroom was empty, Ms. Vaughan slipped off her shoes and put her feet up on the desk.  Bobby’s project really was better than Priscilla’s.  But he was a little smart-mouthed brat, always giving her a hard time.  Until he adjusted his attitude, he wouldn’t be getting any prizes from her.  Priscilla made her job easier.  She unwrapped a chocolate from her secret stash, looked out the window, and counted the days until summer.

MWC – Tree


Miniature Writing Challenge – Today’s challenge is a tribute to childhood. Write a short story, poem or haiku about children, for children or about a childhood memory.

He kissed me for the first time under a tree that smelled of summer.  We were both ten.  It lasted a second, if that long, and we parted, white and pink petals raining down around us.  I was thrilled and embarrassed and flushed red, letting out a tiny giggle as I turned and ran down the hill to my house.  The next day, nothing had changed.  He was still my best bud and I was his.

But today, as I watch my best bud marry his bride, a girl nothing like me, posh and upper-class, gracious and well-educated, under that same tree, our tree, I realize everything changed that day.  But it’s too late.  After the ceremony, I give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him I love him.  He pats me on the back and says he loves me too, but I’m sure he doesn’t know what I mean.   I skip the reception, and walk slowly down the hill again, reassured by the smell of summer in the air.

MWC – Breakup



Miniature Writing Challenge #26 is hosted by An Artist at Heart.  Find the challenge rules here.

Music surrounds us wherever we go. It reflects our emotions or elicits feelings from deep within our souls. Write a short story, poem or haiku about a music-induced experience.

“Work!  Work!  Work!”  Britney sang over the loudspeakers.   It was a song to which Callie loved to sing along in her car on the way to work, but during a spin class, she found it quite obnoxious.

“You want a hot body?  You better work!”  Britney ordered.  Callie trudged along, knowing her melting legs didn’t have another 50 minutes in them.  And to think she was here because of a boy.  She’d begged Adam to be honest.  “Tell me the truth. I can handle it.”

He looked away.  “It’s just…I like girls who are…you know…athletic…fit…”

“I get it,” she said.  But she’d been devastated.

Now, however, she realized she didn’t care what Adam thought of her or her body.  He didn’t matter.  She liked the effects working out had on her health, but she detested spin class.  She left her bike and never looked back.

Maybe she’d try Pilates.