I got tired of going hoarse screaming at the television, computer monitor, and radio, so I decided to start a blog to share my illuminating thoughts and reflections on life in the modern world with all of you, or with my mom, because I think she might be the only one who ever sees this.  I love creative writing, so this is a place to share my short stories and novel ideas, as well.  My dream is to be a professional writer, but I think that is a dream shared by many of us here.

I live in the Atlanta, GA area with my husband and sweet rescue pup, Quinn, who was rescued from an animal control shelter with a high kill rate.

1490649_706550026033935_1064019192_o (2)

quinn at the river

Quinn is the inspiration for one of my short stories, “Girls’ Best Friend.”

I just finished my first novel during NaNoWriMo.  The manuscript is up on Swoon Reads.  It’s completely free to read!  Check it out and give me a rating!


BONUS ROUND – 6 Facts about Me:

1. I read ravenously, probably not much of a surprise. My favorite book of 2014 was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.  I found myself missing the characters after I was done, wondering what they would be up to now.  Sign of a great book.

My favorite books of 2015 were:

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird – A classic that I can’t believe it took me this long to read.  I’ve never read a book that captures childhood so perfectly.
  2. Girl on the Train – A delicious mystery told by an unreliable narrator, set in the place that I should have been born, the UK.  Love it.
  3. Rescue Me, Maybe – Words can’t express how much I love this book.  A story of a young widow who copes with her grief and learns about unconditional love from the abandoned dog that finds her.  A beautiful story with a great message and a lovely, hopeful ending. What could be better?
  4. 32 Candles – The main character, Davie Jones, is a little kooky, and I love her for it.  A heartfelt, bittersweet rom-com about finding your happy ending a little later than you intended.
  5. Brooklyn – This one I was prompted to read because I heard raves about the movie version, though I hear the movie changes the ambiguous ending that I loved so much about the book.  A poignant story about a girl torn between two worlds.  Beautifully written and stays with you long after it’s over.

2.  I once missed a day of work to finish watching season 2 of House of Cards (shhh….).

3.  My favorite movie is The Princess Bride.

4.  Robin Wright is one of my favorite actresses (obviously, see 2 and 3).

5.  I always wanted to write a YA series loosely based on my dramatic teen years.  Working on the beginnings of one now, which you’ll catch glimpses of on my blog.

6.  If I don’t have a new book to read, I feel empty.  Right now I’m reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, so I can finally watch the movie, which has been sitting on my dresser for months.

UPDATE – Finished Wallflower and loved it.  Fell in love with the film as well!

So, that’s me in a nutshell.  Tell me about you and your blog!  See you in the comments (I hope)!


61 thoughts on “About

  1. Very impressed by your latest story you posted in Community Pool. When I get a chance, I will be reading more of your work. Your number six above is pretty close with me as well, but I would have to add feeling empty if I don’t hear music at least some point every day. Which is part of the reason I write a blog! See you around the blogosphere!

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog (or more like you found mine), we have so much in common. You will love that book and Quinn is adorable. Looking forward to reading more from you

  3. Glad that I found your blog via Colleen’s writer’s quote Wednesday, I like to join in sometimes, though at the moment I am doing posts about my trip up to Edinburgh during the Festivals.

  4. Do NOT like shelters that have any kill rate, especially high rates! Glad you were able to save the innocent animal from their butchery!

    Animals like young children need to be protected from harm. There are humane ways to teach them both to behave. With animals it depends on the type of animal. With cats, generally disciplining them by squirts of water will teach them to not repeat a bad behavior.

    1. Thank you! I hope more people start adopting from public government-run shelters. Good news is the shelter where I got Quinn has undergone some reform and the kill rate has gone down considerably.

      Thanks for checking out my blog, heading to yours now…

  5. hi Jenn, i’m sorry I referred to you as Terry on Twitter! I know better now 🙂 Thanks for joining in the #BUw101 conversation and making such good suggestions 🙂

  6. Looking to epublish as well. Congrats on getting your novella/poetry out. A dog lover as well so yep…you just got a new follower.
    Your theme works well and get to the functionalties without too much scroll.

    1. Thanks! I was able to interview an author who was able to successfully epublish and it will be up on my blog soon. Just working on editing now.

  7. Hey Jenn, just wanted to send thanks for the like. Not much of a writer, but I’ve been holding it in, for years. Relax. Relate. Release. #NOTHINGMatters Ps, hope your supervisor doesn’t follow your blog.😉

  8. Have been loving reading your fiction, but just now wandered to the about page–so much to love here, too! I have a rescue dog, too, but mine is crazy! Have you read Rowell’s Carry On–the sort-of sequel to Fangirl? Keep writing!

    1. Thanks so much! My Quinn is a handful too.

      I haven’t read Carry On. I was shocked to see it a Target. I couldn’t believe she actually wrote it. I love her.

  9. Jenn, you have a Fabulous About!! It was like sitting across from you at a little table in Baskin & Robbins, eating ice cream as I listened to you talk 🙂 I’m so impressed that you finished your novel during NaNoWriMo!!! I’ve not tried that one (though I have several unfinished novels somewhere…) but I enjoy NaPoWriMo each April. I had a smiling, but guilty memory, as I read that you missed worked to watch a program…I did that once, and one of my coworkers figured it out but didn’t snitch on me, thank Heaven. Anyway, you’re very interesting–thanks for visiting my blog so that I’d know to come over here and meet you!

    1. I’m glad you liked it! And you made me hungry. Food seems to be a recurring theme 🙂

      Look forward to reading more from you as well 🙂

  10. From the Princess Bride to your love for the UK to more, we have many things in common. No wonder I connect to your writing! I can’t wait to check out your story. And hey, if you ever have the chance, I’d love for you to check out my story (or even just my query letter to share some suggestions). Maybe we could be beta readers for future works. You never know! Let me know if you’re interested.

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