Morning After


Tonight, Ava was staving off adulthood for a few more hours.  Her house party was in full swing.

“Can you guys keep it down?!” Her next-door neighbor screeched as Ava opened the door.

Liquid courage coursing through her veins, Ava flung the contents of her cup in the woman’s face as her friends chuckled.

The next morning, Ava stumbled into her job interview, head pounding, bleary-eyed.

“Thanks for coming in, Ava.” Her next-door neighbor sat opposite her and Ava couldn’t breathe. “Do you really want to do this or should I just send you on your drunken way?”


The Moral Mondays prompt this week is ALWAYS BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR.


18 thoughts on “Morning After

    1. Me too! Hopefully the job she was interviewing for was just a temporary thing and not in an industry she really wanted to break into. Thanks for reading!

  1. Poor Eva, trying to be grown up but not knowing its a tough world out there…well her first lesson learned well i hope….love your moral takes Jenn….so real and contemporary

    1. Thanks! No, not a true story, haha. I was just thinking about how you should treat everyone with kindness because you never know where you’ll see them again.

  2. Nice one. I’m pretty sure she was not expecting that. Not to mention, I’m sure she looked and felt pretty horrible the next morning.

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