The Funky Monkey was her favorite bar.  Or her new favorite bar.  Everything lately was brand new.  New supermarket, new manicurist, new apartment, new friends.  New life.

She was certain her boss had just replaced her on the sales floor when she hadn’t come in a few days in a row.  Her so-called friends had probably shrugged and ordered another round of drinks.  And Jared, the boyfriend she neglected to dump before she left town, had likely deleted her number and called one of his many admirers.  Good riddance.

She nearly fell off her barstool when she saw Jared speaking at a press conference on the TV above the bar, flanked by police officers.  The screen changed, and she saw her own face, a photo taken by Jared during a perfect day at the lake.  She looked nothing like that now.  Her hair was shorter and dyed jet black, her skin deeply tanned, colored contacts in her eyes.  She blinked away tears.

“You know that guy?”  The bartender asked.

She nodded as she downed another shot.


For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 



20 thoughts on “Unforgettable

  1. Sounds like she left her old life behind to start anew. Sad that her old boyfriend is still looking for her and she doesn’t want to be found. Wonderful story, Jenn!

  2. Many of us are like her, never wanting to make peace with our past. So we give it the power to haunt us while we masquerade

  3. So…she ran away? From an old life of unhappiness to a blank slate? Good for her!! I’d like to think she’s finding herself in her new life and I hope she’s happy 🙂

  4. I can sympathize with her feeling to want to run away and start anew it’s everything. Sometimes, it can feel like that’s the best option. But I think she left behind someone who really misses and cares about her, who she really cared about. I doesn’t appear that all of Jared’s ‘admirers’ were as important to him, as she was and is. Hope she goes and finds him.

  5. I get the sense that she left to start a new life because she felt like she didn’t matter to anyone. I hope that she realized she was wrong and that love can conquer all, if she’ll just give it a chance.

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