The room was decorated in Marnie’s  trademark girlish fashion – bursting with pink and lace.  I stood out like a fly in the punchbowl.  I wasn’t invited.  Not to the bridal luncheon, and definitely not to the wedding.  Our friendship was long dead.  I was only there to show Marnie there were no hard feelings.  I smiled warmly as she gratefully accepted the wrapped gift from my arms.

When I heard the loud burst from the hallway, imagining Marnie’s ivory dress dripping with purple ink, I smiled wider. On second thought, I’ve never been that forgiving.


A sort of sideways take on the Moral Mondays prompt, which is Bless Those Who Curse You.



19 thoughts on “Purple

    1. I think after the incident in the last story Marnie became a full-fledged mean girl and tortured the MC all through school. It’s good to take the high road and forgive, but sometimes the low one is a lot more fun 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

  1. No hard feelings and then an expectation of ink spilling over one’s dress? Soooo mean, not my idea of blessing they that curse thee

  2. Wow, one friend Marnie should not have crossed. That would be absolutely awful, considering how vital dresses are to brides and how expensive. Will the bride stay graceful or attack?

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