It Girl


Marnie and Allyson hung out every single Saturday afternoon. They’d never cancelled, even when they were ill.  They’d just share candy and alphabet soup and watch movies under a blanket.

But that Saturday, Aria Franklin, the It Girl, asked Marnie to hang out. Marnie told Allyson that she was sick, so contagious she couldn’t have any guests. How was Marnie to know that she and Aria would run into Allyson at the store with alphabet soup and M&M’s in her basket?


Allyson blinked back tears as Marnie stood between her two friends, trying to resist the urge to run.


The Moral Mondays prompt this week is – DON’T STRADDLE THE FENCE


14 thoughts on “It Girl

  1. Ah, teenagers are so fickle… Poor Allyson, I bet she was buying soup and candy for her friend, as well. Great take on the prompt, Jenn!

  2. I believe Allyson found out what kind of friend Marnie really was! Hopefully, Allyson is not the same kind. Great story…sad that this type of thing happens between “friends”

  3. Ah, teenage girls. They’re the worst, aren’t they? A true friend would’ve invited Allyson. Knowing the shallow “It Girl” type, the same will happen to Marnie sooner than she’ll expect, then she’ll really need that soup & candy from Allyson. Hope it’s not too late. Great story!

  4. Aw, true friends are hard to find. She better work to keep her bestfriend. “it” girls come and go. Popularity is hard not to want for some girls, but it won’t make her as happy as her bestfriend will. Sad 😦

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