Dark Green


Angie was tired. Tired of taking the bus everyday.  Tired of leaky roofs and faucets and broken floorboards that would never be fixed and secondhand, musty-smelling  clothes that never felt clean, no matter how many times you washed them. But mostly, she was tired of waiting.

Her employer of almost 20 years, Mrs. Greenleaf, was waiting for her in the living room.  She’d been gracious enough to add Angie to her will years ago.

“Angie, is the tea ready yet?” Mrs. Greenleaf called out.

“Almost,” Angie said with a sigh, watching, transfixed, as the green substance disappeared into the dark liquid.


My very late response to the Moral Mondays prompt this week, which is MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

23 thoughts on “Dark Green

  1. Great twist at the ending. She sees her chance to move up to a more comfortable life, and she’s making sure it happens fast. Poor boss, she must have been nice to include such a loyal employee in her will. Great write 🙂

    1. Thanks. Yes, she was so sweet to include her employee in her will and this is the thanks she gets. Very sad. I think Angie has gotten sick of watching her employer live such an opulent lifestyle, but that doesn’t justify her actions.

  2. Oh, Jenn this is great. I love your opening – you’ve summed up a dreary, frustrating life in so few words and there’s a lovely rhythm to the words too. Well constructed and a cracking read – really nice work 🙂

  3. her employer must have been a real miser, run down home and stinging on the detergent, no wonder Angie did not leave earlier. but she should have just gone and not used the green substance

    1. I’m sorry for being so vague, the descriptions at the beginning are meant to be of Angie’s own home and lifestyle away from work, not at her employer’s. It’s hard to get a lot of a detail in 100 words or less 🙂

      I agree, if you don’t like your station in life, do what you can to change it instead of resorting to this or blaming others for your problems. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. thank you for explaining! i re read it and yes i think i missed the part that it was connected to her tired life. agreed its hard to write with word constraint but you do it well! making a story have depth in so few words that can even be read different than its original intent, amazing writing as always. finally yes she should have sorted her life rather than destroying someone else’s.

  4. So beautifully written! You almost don’t realize she’s about to poison her employer, and you can’t help but pity her, especially after that first paragraph — you can definitely feel her fatigue in those words. I find myself asking, why hasn’t she killed her already? Great job!

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