The library was closed.  She locked the doors, shut down the front desk, put away the last of the books that were left behind on the tables.  When the work was done, she pulled her own book from her bag and curled up on the couch by the windows, reading by the waning light of the late afternoon sun.  She heard her phone buzz again in her purse, but ignored it.  Was that the tenth missed call?  The eleventh?

She read until it was too dark to make out the words on the page.  That’s when she saw headlights in the parking lot, heard the angry, urgent pounding against the front door.  She closed the book, pulling up the collar on her shirt for the 100th time that day to conceal the blue-black finger marks on her neck.  She fumbled in the dark for her phone and with trembling hands, for the first time, she dialed 911.  He’d invaded her last safe haven.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


22 thoughts on “Invasion

  1. She was finally pushed to her limit when he was about to invade her last place of safety and joy of reading. I hope she was not too late in finally contacting the police. Wonderful story.

  2. This was fantastic, Jenn! I love that the books were her safe haven, and I love that they were the last straw for her. No man comes between a woman and her books. I’d like to think there’s a happy ending here 🙂

  3. i hope the police will be in time. poor lady and her books. well at least she was among the things she loved, whatever they final outcome. nice one!

  4. Glad she finally called the police on the abusive jerk. Her last safe place and he won’t leave her be. I hope he goes away for a long while. Great write!

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