It was quite the coup.  The biggest moment of her career. Her, the little girl with skinned knees from a town no one had ever heard of, interviewing the most powerful man in the world.  She asked tough questions, holding his feet to the fire when he was evasive.  When it was over, he called her a fighter.  She laughed and told him maybe he’d met his match.

Once she was alone, the tinted windows of her chauffeured car completely raised, she felt the bile rising to her throat.  She waited for her pulse to slow, praying she wouldn’t vomit until she got home.


The Moral Mondays prompt this week is Lessons from Dad.  My favorite Dad Lesson – Never let them see you sweat!



15 thoughts on “Fighter

  1. Great Job Jenn. Indeed, never let them see you sweat. Especially, well those with lack or moral and goodness, as it seems this man has.

  2. Oh, great stuff Jenn. Love how she holds it together just long enough to get her through. She proves herself a very tough cookie. Nicely written all through 🙂

      1. I did a short story reading once and shook through the whole thing – every time I made a mistake I tutted involuntarily, so must have loked like I had a twitch. The audience must have seen me sweating that day 🙂

      2. Oh no! I know whenever something like that happens to me it plays over and over in my head all day long. Well, the important thing is you got through it!

      3. Haha! Just! Fortunately, the audience was lovely and very forgiving. Maybe I should take lessons in public speaking, then I won’t quiver at the very thought 🙂

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