Thursday Thriller – Sick


My children are crying for me.  They’re all cuddled upstairs in bed like three adorable peas in a pod.  All flushed cheeks and runny noses, sweaty foreheads and chapped lips.  So tragically beautiful.

News of my little ones’ health has reached every corner of our state.  Hundreds of people are talking about them, praying for them, missing them.  My children.  My babies.   People fold crisp dollar bills in my trembling hand when I encounter them on the road, they listen, enthralled, as I recount my story, our story, with tears in my eyes.  My table is laden with covered dishes and treats from the neighbors and friends.  Baskets of muffins and fruit, casseroles, pies, tins of homemade cookies.  I’ll pack the food away for now.  I know what my children need.  I know why they cry.

The soup is almost done.  It’s their favorite.  My own recipe.  One I’ll never share with anyone.  I add a little pinch of my most special ingredient before ladling large helpings into three identical, bright yellow bowls.  My babies will be beloved forever.



9 thoughts on “Thursday Thriller – Sick

  1. I felt such revulsion for this Mother reading your last lines. I knew it was coming but still, such a terrible woman, to use her children, to poison them. She doesn’t seem I’ll or doing it because she’s mentally unstable, she really is just ax terrible woman, making her children suffer, and probably going to kill them. Extremely well written, especially with the picture of the soap looking so delicious.

    1. Thank you so much. I have always been fascinated by this mental disorder called Munchhausen by proxy, where a parent or caregiver makes someone sick to get attention for themselves.

  2. I’ve read articles about Munchhausen by proxy. It always disgusts me to think a parent could make their own children sick just to get attention. Another great story, Jenn. 🙂

  3. A very heartbreaking story.I was unaware that there is actually a name for this kind of sickness. I hope someone finds out about this before it is too late. Sometimes they end up in the hospital and it raises a red flag. Well written. 😃

    1. My heart breaks for people in the care of someone as horrible as this. I was reading an article about it and it said it happens to children and the elderly. Very sad.

      Thank you!

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