Piya Singh

Everywhere she went, it was too loud.  She couldn’t think or speak or breathe.  All she knew was the hot, frantic pounding of her brain.

She left the noise.  She found a place in the woods, quiet and cool.  The first days were bliss.   Her brain quieted.  She slept for hours under a green canopy of trees.

The noise returned, louder and more chaotic.  She’d never escape it.  She walked deeper into the woods until she reached the lake, her pockets filled with stones.  She jumped, plunging deeper and deeper until she reached its bottom, and the silence.

For Friday Fictioneers


14 thoughts on “Noise

  1. Poor girl. I think she was having a psychotic episode. She needed help, especially if by herself she was still hearing many voices. Such a sad ending, the kind far to many people with mental health meet. Suicide was the best idea to stop the voices but what really what she needed before leaving was anybody to take interest in her difficulties and help.

    1. It could have been psychosis, or the noise could represent depression, anxiety, or self-doubt. I remember struggling with anxiety and I realizing that there was no simple fix, I had to work on myself from the inside. Thanks so much for reading and for your great feedback, as always.

  2. This story had a touch of times past about it, yet it depicts how society still badly fails those with mental health problems

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