She hid, breathless, checking to make sure the Prince was no longer in pursuit.  What a mistake it had been to lie her way into the ball, and what a disappointment so-called Prince Charming had turned out to be.  He was an arrogant, spoiled daddy’s boy who’d dominated her attention the entire night.  She’d wanted to mingle, make some new friends, this being her first night out in years, but, no, he was “enchanted” by her, he said, refusing to allow her to leave his side.  Good thing she’d given him a fake name so he’d never be able to find her, ha!  It was only when she arrived home that she realized her shoe was missing.


The Six Sentence Story prompt this week is check.  I must have sideways Cinderella stories on the brain!


27 thoughts on “Sideways

  1. Haha. I love this it’s like the feminist version of Cinderella. The prince was stalking her, wouldn’t leave her alone, she just wanted to mingle and make friends. But damn it she left her shoe and he’s just crazy enough to try and find her after she evaded him lol.

    1. Ha! Yes, she might need to get a restraining order if some weird guy shows up at her house with her shoe. It can be so funny when you look at these stories from a different perspective.

  2. Awesome, a much more “real life” version of the famous tale! Yes indeed, what if the Prince wasn’t so charming after all, and what if she had no intention of being swept away by him? I really enjoyed this! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I agree why is it a foregone conclusion that Cinderella would fall in love with the Prince? Dancing the night away sounds like more fun to me 😊

  3. I have always thought there should be a different version of prince charming. Some guys are just asses! Great story.

  4. I’d like to rewrite quite a few of the heroine’s happily ever after roles in some of the fairy tales we feed our children.

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