The first 22 years of my life have been a frantic race for this day.  I dreamed of it as a girl, talked about it endlessly it as an adolescent, and after I met him, started planning it in secret.

The car stops in front of our new address, a gorgeous showstopper of a home.  I stand in our mostly empty living room, my heart slowly falling into my belly as my new husband tromps up the stairs. The decades in front us stretch endlessly into the unknown as I slide to the floor.  What happens now?

The six sentence story prompt this week is Address.


18 thoughts on “After

  1. Hmmm, if she doesn’t know. It makes me question why she married this guy. Did she have this image of Prince Charming or did she marry a real person who she can picture living real life with? To me it sounds like the former. Well written Jenn.

    1. I think she is one of those girls who put her dream wedding as her #1 aspiration and pretty much built her life around it. I don’t know if she really loves her husband or if he’s just a placeholder groom. Thanks!

      1. I can relate actually. Sometimes we put dreams/ people on pedestal without realizing it. It’s quite eye opening when you see the reality of life. I like how you showed this 🙂

  2. So the gloss is over already and now the real hard work begins. Love and trust help but if it was all for show she is in trouble!

  3. Oh, Jenn, that one packs a powerful punch. So much here is so few words – excellent! I feel sad for her…but at the same time, did she really not know this was how it would be? Does she not know him well enough?
    This is my favorite one this week, definitely.

  4. Wonderful story. She may of had her storybook wedding , but now reality is facing her. It may take her some time to adjust….hopefully, she will.

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