“Cora, hurry!”

Stef knew it was a mistake to include Cora in her scheme.  She was just meandering through the woods as though they were on a routine Sunday stroll instead of a race for freedom.  Stef had been planning this jailbreak for nearly a year.  It was always supposed to be a solo operation.

Cora’s biggest complaint about jail – the lack of beauty products.  She was insistent that she wasn’t going to make it another year without Sephora.  So, when she figured out what Stef was planning, she wanted in.

“A mirror!”  Cora exclaimed.  There was some sort of weird glass structure sitting in the middle of the woods.  Cora couldn’t give up the chance to see what she looked like after being deprived of her reflection for months.

“Cora, I have to go.  I can’t wait any longer…”

Cora motioned for Stef to go ahead. “Fine…fine…I’ll figure something out,” she mumbled, distracted.

Stef turned and fled deeper into the woods.  Her boyfriend was waiting on the other side with a car and a change of clothes for her.  They’d be out of the state before the guards did their count and realized she and Cora were gone.

A month after Cora was recaptured, she got a care package in the mail, which was strange.  She never got mail.  As the guard handed her the open box, she noticed the Sephora label and grinned.

For the Daily Post and Sunday Photo Fiction

5 thoughts on “Narcissa

  1. Well written piece of fiction. Cora could have escaped and had more Sephora had she not stayed to look at herself in the mirror. But at least her friend escaped and is able to send her some beauty products. I’m a huge Sephora fan 🙂

    1. Lol! I’m sure my husband would have too. Thanks so much. If you have to be in jail you might as well smell nice and look good 🙂

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