They returned to the ocean as it seemed to all be slipping away.  It was to be their final goodbye.  She felt the wind swirling around her, remembering reciting her vows at that very spot.  The sun had turned the green flecks in his eyes golden as they were pronounced man and wife.  He stared back at her as he had on that sun-drenched day, touching her face, the tips of his fingers grazing her cheek, the base of her chin.  As she looked back into his eyes, though the sun had long since retreated, she thought she could spy the hint of gold in them once again.


This is the combination of two prompts, the daily post – Beach and six sentence stories – Base.



10 comments on “Golden

  1. This is beautiful and I loved the last line. …”she could see the gold in them once again.”

  2. Such a sweet thing to read, and I want to believe this is not a sorrowful parting! I love the beach, it is the most romantic place I know, and your words capture that perfectly!
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  3. ivywalker says:

    Absolutely lovely.

  4. UP says:

    Great ending

  5. luckyjc007 says:

    Wonderful story and beautiful ending.

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