She was tired of being Ms. Monroe.  The cameras always flashing.  The mob of fans everywhere she went.  The constant tabloid articles.  The men who always broke her heart.

She tucked her trademark blond curls under a colorful scarf, slipped on a pair of dark sunglasses and walked to the beach, enjoying the feel of the blistering hot sun against her bare legs.  There was a woman sitting nearby, completely oblivious to her presence, engrossed in a tattered magazine that had Marilyn on its cover.  Marilyn Monroe’s Secret Tragedy, the headline screamed.

Marilyn spread out a blanket and relaxed for a bit, enjoying the silence.  Until it was too quiet.  The emptiness at her core threatened to swallow her whole.

She sat up and pulled off the scarf, shaking out her golden locks.

“Ms. Monroe!  Oh my goodness!”  The woman rushed over, spraying sand in her wake.  “Will you sign this for me?”

“Of course I will, doll,” Marilyn responded in her affected breathy tone.  “I always have time for a fan!”

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 

A scene featuring Marilyn from the film Some Like It Hot.  If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it!


28 thoughts on “Incognito

  1. Great story Jenn! It seemed very real to me and very likely to have occurred in her short lifetime. When you are as famous as she was it would be impossible to get away from fans.

  2. Wow, I love this take. Interesting to bring Marilyn to this beach, having her hate her fame, but at the same time obviously adore it. Her story is a sad one, I don’t think she was a very happy woman a lot of the time (from what I’ve read/seen on movies). Great write Jenn.

  3. I love the direction you went with your story! I think a lot of times, this is what goes on in the heads of celebrities. Simultaneously seeking the attention and wanting to be away from it all.

      1. I feel like you kinda have to have a love-hate relationship with the public & paparazzi, in order to be a celebrity lol.

  4. Well written =)
    We are all blinded by the glamorous life of celebrities,and we fail to see that behind this glamour there is a very sad and hectic side.

    1. Yes, it’s so ironic how public figures complain so much about the lack of privacy, but when their fans forget about them they can’t seem to handle it. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. I could picture this happening more than once for her…and for many other public figures. You brought it to life so well.

  6. Marilyn’s story is definitely a sad one. The love / hate relationship celebrities have with their fans is a strange dichotomy. Very nicely done. 🙂

  7. She’s an enigma. Someone we dream to be but too afraid to admit I guess. I wonder if she ever went to the beach? I like the way your story flowed.

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