She never looked down.  The trail was so familiar to her.  Her feet knew the path.  But she’d stumbled today, a change in the terrain catching her off guard. That hole hadn’t been there yesterday, she was certain of it.  She looked down into the mysterious crevice, only a foot in diameter.   There was something down there, something glowing bright green and effervescent.  She bent forward, picking it up, ignoring the fear clawing the back of her brain.  It was warm in her frigid palm.   She held it closer to her face.  Suddenly a cold wind ripped through her hair.  Her skin turned icy, she watched as a strand of the dark curly hair in her side braid turned a bright, scarlet red.  She could feel it coursing through her.  The new power, the invincibility, the strength.  She heard them laughing at her earlier today.  Her tormentors.  The same taunts she’d heard since she was five year old. Dark, blackie, tar baby, ugly, nerd, stuck-up.  But that changed today.  She turned around, re-tracing her steps, back to the school.  They were all there.  Gathered for the pep rally she’d decided to skip.  They’d never know what hit them.

In response to Sunday Photo Fiction!


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