This restaurant isn’t my style.  I would prefer someplace with peanut shells on the floor, a karaoke machine, shots of tequila lined up on the bar.  Dancing.  But there will be time for all of that later.  

Still, it’s sweet that Renee wants to take me to dinner to celebrate my college graduation.  We’ve been friends since we were five, when most of my friendships were determined by geography.  She’d been my next-door neighbor.  If we met today, I don’t know if we would even see each other, much less become best friends.

There’s a busboy clearing the table next to ours.  He notices my stare and winks at me.  Cheesy, I know, but I still blush.  Renee does not approve. “Joss, seriously?  You’re an educated woman now. Don’t sell yourself short.”

I watch as he carries something outside and follow him, mumbling an excuse to Renee. As I duck into the alley, he grabs me and pulls me close and I can’t think about anything else, other than the faint smell of tequila on his breath.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


30 thoughts on “Tequila

  1. Her friend is a bit of a snob. Maybe that bus boy is working to lay for his education. Not to mention it seems the main character is having much more fun with the bus boy then with her old friend.

    1. Yes, sometimes people are so quick to judge people just by what they do for a living. That’s such a small part of what makes me who I am. Thanks for reading!

      1. I do agree with you there Jenn. People for some reason seem to want to judge other people. Not all, but many. Maybe it can’t be helped always I’m not sure.

  2. Well gosh, I knew what I wanted to say, but Annie already said it…lol. Funny how we can let such trivial aspects of life confuse us about what really matters. And I liked the line about geography determining our friends. A nice reflection on how technology has changed our relationships. As always, nice story, Jenn.

    1. Yes, when I was a little kid all my friends lived within a 5-mile radius. I kind of miss it. But as we get older people grow apart. Thanks for reading!

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