What Goes Around…


“Careful!” Bobby yelled.  Kneeling beside Jules, he adjusted the buckle of her right shoe.  “It was undone.”

“Absent-minded me!  Thanks.” She smiled at Bobby gratefully as he handed her the cell phone that had fallen to the floor.  “So, what’s new around the office?”

“Hmmm…let’s see.  Mary’s off the wagon again…”

“That’s a shame.”

“And Tabitha’s back from her ‘vacation.’  You know what that means…”

“Face lift!”

They laughed as Jules reached her cubicle.  Watching Bobby walk away, she shook her head, amazed at how he seemed to always know everyone’s business.

Around noon, she ducked into the breakroom, grabbing a snack from the fridge as Mary poured herself a cup of coffee.  Sobering up, Jules thought.

“S-s-sorry about Chris,” Mary slurred, looking at Jules with pity in her eyes.

“Huh?  How would you know…” she stopped, remembering the calendar alert on the phone that Bobby was all too happy to retrieve for her.  Divorce Attorney – 2 pm.

“Bobby!” Jules screamed as she stormed out of the kitchen, her hunger forgotten.




31 thoughts on “What Goes Around…

  1. Well written! …sounds like something from one of the offices I use to work in. Unfortunately, there will always be people like that. It’s like they will explode if they do not ….tell…someone!

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