Her instincts had never led her wrong.  There was something about his eyes.  The way they avoided hers whenever they spoke, waiting in line for their coffee.  He was a liar.  She just knew.

But that morning, her guard was down.  She ended up sitting with him, baring her soul, for nearly a half-hour, through two refills.   When he left, she put her number in his contacts, ignoring the alarm sounding in her brain.

That night, the phone rang as she slept.

“I don’t know who this is, but I found your number in Tim’s phone.   This is his wife.”


The Moral Mondays prompt this week is Never Talk to Strangers.


14 thoughts on “Instinct

  1. Oh, wife, why must you snoop through your husband’s phone? Oh, husband, how many lonely girls have you picked up from coffee shops? Lol.
    Another great moral story, Jenn!

  2. A great reason not to talk to strangers, ones who give you bad feelings at any right. Gut instinct is usually right. Well written.

  3. Great take on the prompt! A woman’s intuition is priceless. Like the narrator, the wife probably also had a “feeling,” something she didn’t quite trust.

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