Big Girl


“Could you do me a favor and tell that guy in the blue shirt at the table by the window over there that I couldn’t make it for dinner tonight?”

“Tell ’em yourself,” the woman scoffed before storming away.

Nearly knocked over by the woman’s abruptness, she finally realized how ridiculous she must look as a 30-year-old woman, too afraid to approach her own boyfriend and tell him the truth.  She’d been putting off breaking up with him for weeks.

She crossed the room, ignoring his bright smile when his eyes held hers, folding her hands in a business-like manner as she sat. “We need to talk.”


The six sentence story prompt this week is favor.


10 thoughts on “Big Girl

  1. It’s funny, even as adults how difficult we find it to be open and honest when it comes to relationships. We don’t want the discomfort or to hurt another’s feelings, and yet postponing the conversation just makes it more awkward. Good writing, we can see this playing out.
    Josie Two Shoes
    from Josie’s Journal

    1. Thanks. Yes, sometimes it’s so hard to tell someone something you know will hurt their feelings. But, I think in the long run he’ll be better off.

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