Green Eyes



The cows did her in.  All through dinner with her daughter, her ex and his new wife, she’d been internally patting herself, and her ex, on the backs.  What mature parents they were, still getting along years after their divorce.

Now that Sean had remarried, to a girl 10 years younger than she no less, everyone asked Sonya if she was angry, or jealous.  Her answer always was the same – she was thrilled for him.  Madison made Sean happy, and she was a wonderful stepmother to their daughter.

They moved to the living room, Sean’s and Madison’s living room, for dessert and there they were, sitting on the mantle.  The pair of psychedelic ceramic cows, the ones she’d found in a flea market on their honeymoon.  She loved those cows.  They’d gone missing during the last years of their marriage, and at some point she’d just stopped looking for them.  But now they were here, on Madison’s mantle.  Her heart caught fire as she blinked back tears, staring at Sean’s hand on Madison’s slim thigh.


For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers  and inspired by one of my favorite songs about heartbreak, Green Eyes.


20 thoughts on “Green Eyes

  1. It’s funny how seemingly little things can make a person unravel. But taking something from their honeymoon and giving it to his new wife his particularly nasty – what a jerk! Great take on the photo, though 🙂

  2. Very good of her to be so mature but I guess we see at the end, the new wife bothers her more than it appeares. She should insist on having those cows and explain she couldn’t find them, that she had picked them out. In private I think.

  3. Underneath it all, the veneer begins to crack given the right element to stir….very thoughtful — and yes, the dude is a …. jerk. It’d be great for her to pick them up and thank them for finding her honeymoon treasures! I appreciate you surprising me with them on the mantel! 😉

    1. Thanks for reading! I could see how it could be perceived that way. I think that maybe her ex didn’t realize the significance of the cows or even remember them.

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