London was just what Sasha needed.  She was stagnated back in the States.  She could barely think anymore or breathe.  Getting up in the morning and doing simple things like shower and dress and prepare breakfast seemed monumental.  She exhausted herself just thinking about it.  But not here.  This morning, she leaped from bed, before Flynn even.  There was always something new and different to experience everyday in this foreign place, and Sasha couldn’t get enough.

They were viewing their 10th flat of the day and Sasha was in love.  An updated sunny kitchen, and a cozy bedroom that got the perfect amount of natural light.  It was just the right size for the two of them.

“I’m sold,” Sasha said to Pippa, their realtor, who nodded her shiny blond head and turned to Flynn.

“I’m not sure.  The bedroom is very small…”

Sasha groaned.  “We’re going to have to compromise on some things, babe.  This is the best we’re going to find in the city.”

Flynn kissed her temple to placate her.  “I’d just like to see a few more places before I make up my mind.”

Sasha relented.  “Fine.”  It was Flynn’s work that had brought them here in the first place.  She owed him.

As the trio left the flat, Sasha missed the faraway look in Flynn’s eyes as he stole a glance at their gorgeous realtor.


21 thoughts on “London

  1. Lovely descriptions. It seems so exciting for Sasha. Britain has made her alive again. I hope Flynn stays faithful. That last line of Flynn looking at Pippa, makes you wonder, then again, guys just look to look too.

  2. It sounds like Flynn has found something new and different in the foreign place too! Hopefully, it is a temporary fascination and he comes to his senses before going astray. Great story.

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