Woman arrested for failing to return VHS

Written for the Story a Day prompt – Change A HeadlineTake A News Headline And Change A Word Or Two, Sparking A Fictional Story.

Here’s the link to the original story: Man arrested for failing to return VHS; movie’s star Tom Green weighs in

Source – Pixabay

The holding cell they stuck me in is surprisingly clean, and empty, nothing like the images I’d conjured in my head.  Scenes from movies mostly.  I’d expected aged streetwalkers in bad wigs shrieking at each other and heroin addicts shivering in dark corners.  I inhale deeply and smell nothing at all.  Despite my somewhat favorable surroundings, I’m furious.

“Why am I here?!”  I yell at the arresting officer approaching my cell.  “All they told me was that I had an outstanding warrant.”

The words ‘outstanding warrant’ sound so ridiculous coming out of my mouth I have to stop  the corners of my mouth from turning upwards in a smile.  I’m the most boring person I know.

The officer smirks in such a condescending way I want to smack him.  “The warrant is for ‘failure to return rental property.'”

“What?!  I haven’t had to rent a car in ages…”

“Not a car,” he looks like he’s about to laugh and I’m so angry I’m nearly seeing red.  “A movie.  Crossroads on VHS staring the incomparable Britney Spears.  You rented it from a Turtle Video in Georgia back in 2002 and never returned it.”

He’s full on laughing now but I can barely hear it.  I’d completely forgotten I’d brought over a movie that night, but I can see it so clearly, like it was yesterday, laying on the passenger seat of my old Toyota as I pulled into the driveway.  It must have burned in the fire, like everything else in that house.   I’d run and never looked back.

“Don’t worry ma’am, we think this is as ridiculous as you do and we’re getting it all sorted out now.  By law we had to bring you in.”

I nod and lean against the bars, stomach churning, wondering if my past has finally caught up with me.


The story continues…

Part 1 – Wallflower

Part 2 – Smoke



7 thoughts on “Woman arrested for failing to return VHS

  1. Liked this story. I was like what they have video rental places still somewhere, who could have her arrested for this?

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