“Where were you today?”

“Yeah, everyone was asking for you.”

It was the beginning of an interrogation. Kendall’s shoulders slumped.  She took a long sip of her wine, immediately feeling its effects.  Her antidepressants already made her sleepy.

“I didn’t feel well,” she slurred.

Mara, the oldest sister, groaned loudly as Kendall’s eyes lowered.  “Really, Kendall?”

“We ALL have bad days,” Lane, the middle sister, added, her tone dripping with fake compassion.  “I wasn’t feeling all that great either, but I pushed past it and got through.”

“We’re getting tired of having to cover for you all time.  People ask for you and we don’t know what to say.”

“Why do you care so much if I’m there or not?  What does it matter?”  Kendall asks, her hand shaking as she lifted the glass once again to her lips, droplets of wine falling onto the table.

“It’s about how it looks, Kendall.  We’re sisters.  Why won’t you let us in?”  Lane asked.

Kendall dabbed at the spilled wine with her napkin, not looking her sister in the eye.  “Because you don’t see me.”

“What does that even mean?!”  Mara yelled in frustration.

Kendall dropped the napkin to the floor and rose from the table without a word.

“And now she’s leaving,” Lane commented as Kendall walked past, throwing her arms in the air.

I’m already gone, Kendall thought.


Kendall opened her eyes.  She was in a strange room filled with light, surrounded by beeping machines, her nostrils filled with the smell of antiseptic.  She wasn’t sure how much time had passed.  An initial wave of despair and disappointment washed over her as she realized she’d failed.  I can’t even do this right.

A nurse leaned over her bed.  “You’re awake!  I’ll let your sisters know.  They’ve been waiting for…”

“I don’t want to see them.”

“Are you sure?  They…”

“I’m sure.”  She gave the nurse a tight smile.  As she left the room, Kendall laid against the pillows and closed her eyes.  In her dreams, she saw a woman, standing outside in a sun shining so brightly she had to squint her eyes, alone but happy.  She had a second chance and she wasn’t going to waste it.


7 thoughts on “Sight

  1. This is so beautifully written. One has to wonder what drove Kendall to want to give up on live, but at the same time, death seems like peace to her, not a complete end.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I think that’s always a mystery to the people left behind after someone commits suicide. At least Kendall gets a second chance.

  2. Well written. I wish her sisters had tried to be more understanding. Perhaps, it wouldn’t have driven her to do what she thought she had to do. Glad for her second chance, hopefully, one day, the sisters will learn appearances are deceiving. A person can look well and not be well at all. Mental illness is a physical illness just as any other illness.

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