Emmy  L. Gant

“I mean, that kind of discrimination just doesn’t exist anymore,” Claire said to Bonnie as they ran across the parking lot to the high school, the sky darkening above them, threatening rain.  “It’s time for people to move on.”

The opposing team, from a neighboring, mostly Latino, town, was running onto the court.

“Learn English!!!”

“Go back to Mexico!”

The crowd chanted, waving signs in the air with sayings so hateful Bonnie could barely believe her eyes.  There was Claire’s oldest, across the gym, gleefully chanting along.  Bonnie turned to Claire, whose face blanched as she slowly sat down.

For Friday Fictioneers


22 thoughts on “Denial

  1. This story has a wonderful morale. From a slightly different kind of discrimination in sports, I have an experience this week. I’m a huge Edmonton Oiler’s fan (the NHL) and I’m part of the Oiler’s group on FB. It has been getting to me whenever a player does something wrong in a game, one of the guys in the group will call him a ‘pussy’ or tell him to go get his ‘tampons.’ A few times I just ignore it but after awhile I had to say stop using a ‘woman’ or things related to what a woman has no choice about being a woman, as an insult. I think those guys can still do their hockey rants and come up with better insults/jibs. The same goes for your story on bigotry, I think most fans are capable of better good natured teasing, not hateful discrimination.

    1. That’s awful. Just like if you say someone does something “like a girl” you are saying they’re inferior.

      On another note – I’ve always wanted to learn more about hockey. We used to have a hockey team here but they moved to another city 😦 Looks like fun.

      1. I can’t skate so don’t play but I love it. We are getting a new NHL arena in Edmonton, I’m excited to see a hockey game there or attend a concert. Our Oiler’s have been in rebuild mode for awhile, still at the bottom of the league but better then last year. We keep getting 1st round draft picks at least. Hockey plays are much like basketball plays, with hitting 🙂

  2. Very good story! Sport is one of the last strongest bastions of racism! We see it here over football all the time… Just awful. Thank you for shining a light on the problem

  3. First I thought Claire and Bonnie were the kids, then realized they were parents. Nice twist to emphasis Claire’s realization. I could almost hear her say “How could she say those things? I taught her better!”

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