February had just ended what felt like a second ago, but the dogwoods along the edge of the building were already blooming in brilliant pinks and yellows, while the aroma of honeysuckle hung heavily in the air.

She looked at her desk, where an untouched salad stared back at her.  It would already be dark when she left, another day wasted.  She closed the takeout container and carried it across the street to the park, where she turned off her phone and dug out the brand new paperback she’d bought months ago but hadn’t yet cracked open.

An hour later, the salad was long-finished but she hadn’t moved, still engrossed in the book and the sun and a glorious early spring.   She’d let them search for her a little while longer.

The prompt for the six sentence story challenge this week is second.


17 thoughts on “Honeysuckle

    1. Oh, I was just trying to imply that she is a workaholic who eats at her desk everyday, so her colleagues would probably be wondering where she is. Thanks for reading!

  1. She didn’t want to waste another beautiful day sitting in her office working…great idea to go outside and really enjoy the day before the darkness took over! I have felt like this many times over the years of working in an office. It’s great to just break away and enjoy what others enjoy sometimes. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this story. Great job. 🙂

  2. Very interesting perspectives of time in this story. Months and hours that pass in a second. I’m glad she enjoyed a bit of respite on a beautiful spring day.

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