Why had she always been so afraid to do this when she was in her twenties?  Her first solo trip had been glorious.  She’d completed nearly everything on her list except the last two items – tour the ruins, which she was doing now, and meet a mysterious man.

There was a black-clad figure standing at the top of the ancient steps.  His back was to her, but as he heard her behind him, he turned to face her, his eyes crinkling in surprise.

“You are very beautiful. Bellissima,” he said in a heavily accented voice, delicately kissing her hand.  It was a line, all of it an act.  Something he probably said to women traveling alone all of the time.  But she didn’t mind a few pretty lies.

As he led her through the old structure, she looked at her other hand, raising it slightly and turning it over, noticing that the sun had darkened the winding line around her finger so much that she could hardly see it any longer.


For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

22 thoughts on “Bellissima

  1. This is lovely that she gets to tour the ruins with a handsome stranger. Maybe, he will be more. I love the end where you describe “the winding line around her finger” which the sun had darkened. It is a strong image, both of her looking at the line and the freedom the image evokes. Liked this one a lot.

      1. Yeah, that is the question. Either way I think she wants some freedom because well she’s divorced, or her husband isn’t treating her well. My view lol.

  2. I read it as her being divorced, and trying a new adventure to get over the pain and move on with her life. And a handsome man with a sexy accent is not a bad way to start!

  3. Oh. Wow. I wasn’t ready for that last paragraph. It is shocking and stunning. This is such a great example of a story which ‘show’ and not ‘tell’.

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