Sean Fallon

No matter how many straight-A report cards he brought home or first-place science-fair ribbons he earned, Kurt would never be Todd.  He was the other son.  The day he realized that was the day he started filling a jar with batteries.

Kurt watched as the android, his twin, slowly stood, powered by years’ worth of batteries he’d re-charged.  It would join his parents in the car, headed to Todd’s latest game.  Kurt had no use for sports.  He turned out the lights and stared at the galaxy on his bedroom ceiling, tracing his name in the stars.

For Friday Fictioneers


26 thoughts on “Other

  1. Sad story. Parents should do their best to never pick favourites. They should do their best to show each child they are equally loved and valued. I know I’m not a parent and maybe I can’t say but I have experienced favouritism through friends and relatives, and it never seems to be a good thing, though I don’t know if it is possible to stop. Great story.

    1. Thanks. I’m not a parent either but I notice that as a society we seem to praise the athletes and the “popular kids” more than the kids who excel in math and science, when the kids who are math and science whizzes are the one who really have the potential to change the world.

      1. I agree with you but you can’t forget the creative kids like you and I who are writers. I don’t know about you but I have always found my talents were in English/writing history/philosophy and in fine art in drawing/painting. Math/science/tech people will change the world but I think creative people have a great chance to do this as well. Athletics is important, the teamwork, physical activity but you are right to say sometimes we focus to much on that 🙂

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