Patty stood at the post near the end of the dirt driveway, red dust billowing around her ankles as a pickup truck sped by.  She was waiting for her father.  Her mother, her aunts, her uncles and cousins were all gathered inside, wailing, having already decided her father was lost forever, a casualty of the dark, murderous Mississippi night.  She knew the stories, every child had overheard their parents whispering them – cowards hidden under sheets, lynchings, bombings, crosses burning.  But, her father was brave; she knew he’d come back.

She’d never stop waiting.


Six Sentence Story Challenge  prompt this week is post.


11 thoughts on “Missing

  1. This gave me the shivers. I watched a special on television the other night about a woman whose son was lynched by the KKK and she sued them and won! She bankrupted them! In fact, they had to deed their headquarters building over to her. Wonderful story!

  2. Poor poor girl. I hope he does come back and surprise them all. Especially, her. But I have the feeling she’ll be waiting along time. Such a bad point in history for bigotry and hatred…. I guess though, there are too many times like that too count?

    1. Yes, an awful time. My parents grew up during this time so lately I’ve just wanted to explore what life must have been like for them as kids. Thanks for reading.

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