“Scott and Cassie, we have an amazing gift for your son!”   Cam Hartman, the host of Forever and Ever,  a long-running reality dating show, produced a tiny guitar.  “So he can be a musician just like daddy.”

“Thanks, Cam.  I love it.”  Cassie rubbed her six-months-pregnant belly.

Scott and Cassie, as Forever and Ever’s only success story, were beloved.  Every other Forever and Ever couple had only lasted a few months.  Scott and Cassie were the only ones who’d made it down the aisle.

“You’re quite welcome, guys!”  Cam faced the cameras.  “The reunion continues next with our newest couple, Tracey and Rick!”

Cassie and Scott made their way backstage, passing an arguing Tracey and Rick in the hall.  Jack, the executive producer of the show, handed Scott an envelope with a wink.

At the hotel, in front of a roaring fireplace, they opened it, their eyes widening at the number of zeroes on the check.   Their son would want for nothing.  They toasted their friendship with sparkling cider as Cam’s gift burned to ash.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers






16 thoughts on “Forever

  1. Fantastic story. They work out so well because they are pretending, putting on a show. But they are only friends with a baby. Glad the baby will be taken care of. I hope they remain friends.

  2. Great story, Jenn! I think they are married and have become friends which is why their marriage has lasted. They burned the baby’s guitar because they don’t want a noisy toy around! LOL! Just kidding. I think Mandi might be right. Loved it!

    1. Ha! I think they burned it because they know the show doesn’t really care about their son, just about protecting their image. Thanks for reading!

  3. Sounds like they’ve figured out exactly how real these reality shows are, and are taking advantage of it — good for them! But I would have kept the little guitar to use in more promo shots, to milk more money from the show. 😉

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