“Hi Barry, what’s new?”  Kate answered the phone with an optimistic lilt in her voice.

“Hey!  Katie!  How’s my favorite client?”

Kate rolled her eyes.  “What do you have for me, Barry?”  She persisted.

“Well, there’s a role I think you’d be perfect for.  It’s a drama about a woman who takes revenge on an evil, secretive corporation…”

“Sounds intriguing.  Who else is interested?’

“Well…errr…Katie, let’s be clear, Jennifer Lawrence is already a lock for the lead.  They want you for the role of her best friend…”

“I see.  And let me guess, I say a lot of things like ‘you go girl,’ and ‘ain’t nobody got time for that?’  Plus I’m wacky and over-the-top and have absolutely no life or personality of my own?”


“I’m not interested, Barry…”

“Okay, okay, well, there is a lead role you may be interested in.  It’s a film set on a plantation in the deep south, early 19th century…”

“Gotta go, Barry.”

She typed a quick text to her partner.  Go time.

The women were waiting for her. They formed a straight line, with her at the lead.  Big Movie Studio’s imposing buildings loomed ahead of them.  It was time to send a message.  They weren’t interested in playing maids, or sassy best friends, or slaves any longer.  It was time for change, and they were sick to death of waiting.

For Sunday Photo Fiction 

P.S. – I love Jennifer Lawrence!  She’s my spirit animal!  Just making a point about diversity in Hollywood.


15 thoughts on “Silenced

  1. Watched the Oscars last night too eh? I too am a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan. She is the perfect Katniss, and I think Silver Linings Playbook is one of my fav movies too. You are correct when you say there needs to be more diversity in Hollywood. Better roles need to be given to people of different ethnicities and genders. I like the image at the end of your piece, the women marching!

  2. Oh wow. Good they’re not taking such irrelevant roles.
    Plus yay, I love J-Law too. 😀
    Also the oscars! Highlight: Leonardo Di Caprio finally won an oscar! :’)

    1. Thanks! I love J-Law in practically everything she does. And she’s so funny in real life. So happy for Leo too. I used to have the world’s biggest crush on him when I was growing up 😆

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