Kinda Sorta


“Amie – do you promise to cleave to Michael, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?”

The officiant’s icy glare frightened Amie, causing her eyes to scan the room.  She caught the eye of someone in the audience – a friend of Micheal’s perhaps?  He was gorgeous, soulful brown eyes, broad shoulders, and those lips, wow…he was one of those guys you could look at and just know they would be a great kisser…but, Michael, and a secure, happy future, were staring at her in expectation.

She crossed her toes. “I do.”


The cue for the six sentence story challenge this week was cleave.


22 thoughts on “Kinda Sorta

  1. Nice story. Some people think that it is too late to call off a wedding, but if the “I DO” has not been spoken…there is still Time to back out! If she was looking around with interest at someone else, she certainly wasn’t ready to get married.

  2. Oh oh, heartbreak is clearly looming on the horizon, at last where Michael is concerned. If on this day of all days you can’t focus on the one beside you it doesn’t bode well for the marriage being made. Run Michael, RUN!!

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