MWC – Fangirl


I’m sitting on a bench overlooking the dock, waiting to meet Misty for the first time.  We’re both fangirls who kept running into each other in the  virtual world.  After many, many hours of late night IM convos, we learned that we lived within an hour of each other and decided to meet IRL.

A woman is walking down the sidewalk, her face is scrunched, her eyes searching.  She’s obviously looking for someone.  She’s wearing a Supergirl t-shirt, just like me, as planned.  She walks past without noticing me at all.


She stops and turns to face me, flushed, and I can tell I’m not what she’s expecting.


I nod and stand, and we embrace.  We immediately start chattering nonstop about our latest geek-girl obsessions, but inside, my disappointment lingers.  I wonder if the day will come when everyone will look at me and truly see me, instead of being blinded by the color of my skin?

The theme for this week’s Miniature Writing Challenge is freedom.

2 thoughts on “MWC – Fangirl

  1. It sounds like the beginning of a perfect friendship. I don’t know why she would notice her for her skin colour. I don’t get that. Maybe it is different where you are from. But I have friends and had friends in school who were many different nationalities. So, that doesn’t phase me. I’m sorry for some people it does. Great job.

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