Anna, the most intimidating boss Jamie’d ever had, had scheduled a meeting with her.  As if Jamie’s nerves weren’t already frayed enough!  Anna always had a way of making her feel like she was an idiot, twisting her words to make her inconsequential, a nobody.

Anna strode through the office door, wiping her hands on her pants leg, wearing her usual solemn expression, but Jamie suddenly felt relaxed, knowing once and for all that Anna was no better than she.

“Jamie, thanks for coming in,” Anna began, as if Jamie had a choice.

“Of course, Anna, but before we begin, I should tell you – there’s toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe.”

The theme for the six sentence story challenge this week is fray.




26 thoughts on “Level

  1. Oh no, nothing like toilet paper to put you in your place. Reminds me of a movie with Harrison Ford and Melonie Griffith, where Melonie Griffith pretended she was her boss, while the boss was away. But she was only her assistant.

  2. Tee hee! I was in the Big Boss’s office in a job I had many, many years ago. He was standing at his desk and I realized his fly was open, and from that moment on, I couldn’t hear a word he said, as I was too busy trying to suppress a grin.

  3. arrg! (might be revealing too much, but the story, well told and cleverly punch lined) stimulated an ‘Ed Sullivan’ effect in me when I read it.

    (for our non-old Readers, Ed Sullivan had a show in the 60’s. A variety show, and there would be acts like jugglers and plate spinners. Each time a plate would fall and break (deliberately or not) my 5 year self would feel the blood rush to my head in a spontaneous empathy attack)

    lol still enjoyed your Six

  4. Having sat across the desk from pompous bosses/asses more than a few times in life, I totally loved this story. I have long since reached the point of realizing that while I must be respectful in such situations, the person across the desk is no better, no more perfect than me. Rule by intimidation often comes back in the ruler’s face, just as it did in your story!

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