He was the first guy Lily’d looked at in a long time and thought, maybe.  Sam took her hand as they meandered down the trail and silently took in the view – the tourists, the water, the imposing medieval castle looming ahead.  They were going to spend the day sight-seeing in an unfamiliar city, her idea of the perfect date, something she’d revealed to him shortly after they met.


A woman approached them, glaring.


“What are you…?”

Sam cut the woman off in mid-sentence, taking her arm roughly and leading her away.  They spoke in whispers, both gesturing widely.  Georgia finally turned and left in tears, giving Lily a final death glare before departing.

Sam looked sheepish when he returned to her.  “Lily, I…”

“I’m so excited about touring the castle.  The history behind it is so romantic…”

Sam looked confused, but Lily kept babbling on and on, afraid for him to speak.  She wanted to hold on to maybe a little while longer.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers



12 thoughts on “Maybe

    1. I know that feeling too, when I was single and on dates and it’s going well, the whole time I was thinking – “please don’t be secretly crazy!”

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