“For the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me!”  Jake promised.  Eve was angry that the cashmere sweater she’d wanted to wear to the meeting today had shrunk in the dryer. She wanted to look her best. Jake swore the cleaning lady must have done it.

“Fine,  I just want to focus on becoming parents.  I’m so excited!”

“Why don’t we just get a puppy instead?”

Eve felt heat rising to her cheeks.  Leave it to Jake to make a joke at the most inappropriate time.  “Are you serious?”

“Calm down, babe, it was a joke.”  He patted her arm condescendingly.  Eve stared at his profile.  She could see it on his face.  He was terrified.  Many couples waited years before they were matched with a birth mother.  No one ever got a call within a month.

The adoption counselor stepped into the room.  A bright smile lit up her eyes.  “Eve and Jake?   Are you ready to meet Paula?”  Paula was the birth mother who had amazingly selected them over dozens of other potential parents.

Jake stood up and reached for Eve’s hand, but Eve didn’t move.

“No, I don’t think we are.”

The  counselor scrunched her face, confused, but Jake looked at her gratefully.


For Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner





21 thoughts on “Delayed

  1. Probably better it didn’t work out if both parents weren’t ready. They’re will be other kids who need a good home. A friend from highschool adopted a couple of years ago and they are recently adopting again and she is finally pregnant. So, events fall into place at the right time. Sorry his wife in the story will be disappointed though.

  2. She was very wise to pick up on the fact that he was not ready and she made the right choice of speaking up even though she was ready…it would not be fair to all concerned if they had gone through with it…especially for the child. Wonderful story.

  3. I love the way you’ve used the prompt here! What’s even more amusing to me is that I have a reference to something shrunk in the dryer, but it’s pure coincidence because I’m just reading this week’s stories now after I posted mine. It always amazes me when those things happen! 🙂

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